RARE late-war RG34 cleaning kit 'cmr 1945'

RARE late-war RG34 cleaning kit 'cmr 1945'


A superb and incredibly rare late-war dated RG34 cleaning set as was generally issued for use with the K98k and various other German infantry small arms.


The 'cmr 45' coded RG34 is arguably the holy grail for any collector of such items, or indeed late-war 1945 dated K98k accessories in general etc! 


This example retains the vast majority of the original grey/blue paint to the carrying tin, which was unique to this particular maker at this stage in the war. 


Internally, the contents remain exactly as it was found - including a lovely two-tone red/black coloured Phenolic resin oil bottle! 


This is the first and quite possibly the only example of this highly sought-after late RG34 kit which we might ever get to offer! Don't miss it!