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Late-war Patronenkasten 900 'Graz Hauptbahnhof'

Late-war Patronenkasten 900 'Graz Hauptbahnhof'


Here we have a very rarely seen last model, wooden 'Patronenkasten 900' wooden ammo box in excellent condition. 


With numerous features to save on resources, including crude wire handles and wooden block/nail hinges, this item is one which really typifies equipment produced during the latter stages of the war. 


Indeed, even the original packing label still remains affixed to the exterior - indicating that this box was once shipped out from Graz Hauptbahnhof railway station! 


It would prove very difficult to upgrade on this highly desirable late-war example, with no damage or woodworm etc and known local interest to the Graz/wider Alps region. A choice piece! 

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