Late-war MG34/42 gunner's tool kit 'hjh 4'

Late-war MG34/42 gunner's tool kit 'hjh 4'


A relatively scarce, original late-war MG34/42 leather gunner's tool kit pouch which maker coded 'hjh' and dated for production in 1944! 


Unlike many, this particular one retains all of its internal fixtures and fittings to hold the tools - including the metal AA sight pouch, which was adapted by this stage in the war to accept both the MG34 and MG42 AA spider sights. 


The following tools are also present and included inside:


  • MG large wrench 'B WaA'
  • MG34 extractor tool 'hoz WaA14'
  • MG banjo oiler
  • Utility/cleaning rope length