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Late-war K98k rifle sling 'jwa 4'

Late-war K98k rifle sling 'jwa 4'


A very nice, late-war period leather K98k sling. Of course, the StG44 and G/K43 semi-automatic rifle etc were also designed to accept this same sling. 


This example looks to have only been issued for a short period, if at all, and has therefore avoided any oiling. As such, the original leather colour and ricasso cross-hatch pattern is retained throughout. 


There are visible remains of the 'jwa 4' marking to the inside surface, signifying production by Moritz Stecher, Lederwerk, Freiburg - during 1944. 


It is getting very hard to find such slings in this condition. All it requires is a keeper tab (and maybe some feed, since it is a little dry/stiff, if it is to be fitted to a rifle). 

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