Late-war K98k rifle sling

Late-war K98k rifle sling


A stunning, late-war period leather K98k sling (note that the StG44 and G/K43 semi-automatic rifles were also designed to accept this same sling). 


This particular example was purportedly fitted to a 1945 dated K98k rifle which was captured and brought back by a British veteran, and both its construction/condition would certainly appear to corroborate this story.


The sling looks to have only been issued for a short period and has therefore avoided any oiling, hence retaining its original 'tan' leather hide colour. The ricasso cross-hatch pattern is also retained throughout with only very minimal wear. 


The slider adjuster buckle appears to be an atypical (simplified) variant, albeit clearly a period component of the sling construction. 


The leather remains supple and is free from any damage or splits. 


It is getting very hard to find such slings in this near factory fresh condition!