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Late-war commercial K98k bayonet 'W.K.C.'

Late-war commercial K98k bayonet 'W.K.C.'


Very nice original commercial type K98k bayonet which was produced under the 'W.K.C.' code by Weyersberg, Kirschbaum and Co, Solingen, likely around 1944. These so-called Behördenmodell bayonets were supplied to numerous branches, including the Polizei and NS paramilitary organisations (ORG TODT, SA/NSKK, TENO etc). Aside from the maker code, the only other markings consist of a serial number '9230' to the end of the pommel and letter initials carved into the red Bakelite grips. 


**Please note that this item is only available to those aged over 18. Verification (photo ID in the form of a passport or driving licence) of this will be required once the item is ordered.

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