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Kriegsmarine U-boat deck shoes 'B.A.W. 41'

Kriegsmarine U-boat deck shoes 'B.A.W. 41'


A stunning, matching pair of canvas U-boat crew deck shoes in near mint condition and with the original wooden soles!  


They are clearly marked within the one of the tongues 'B.A.W. 6.12.41' to indicate they were the property of the Bekleidungs Amt Wilhelmshaven and produced on the 6th December 1941. 


The brown canvas and black leather remains in excellent, strong and supple condition throughout. This also includes the stitching which remains tight and without any issues at all. 


The soles are original and have not been changed post-war, as is the case for nearly all of the examples of this shoe which survive today. 


A choice set which would prove almost impossible to upgrade! 

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