Kriegsmarine U-boat 1936 Olympic Rings cap badge

Kriegsmarine U-boat 1936 Olympic Rings cap badge


A nice original, maker marked example of the enamel 1936 Olympic badge. 


This was adopted as a symbol of the year in which a sizeable number of naval officers, and subsequent U-boat commanders, joined the Kriegsmarine - known as the "Crew of 36". 


Ultimately, this emblem was chosen as the tradition badge for some 23 separate U-boats in total, with the crew of these boats often opting to wear this badge upon their sidecaps - as shown in the example photo. 


The full list of U-boats upon which this emblem was carried included:


U-3, U-20, U-23, U-59, U-203, U-227, U-314, U-344, U-387, U-394, U-407, U-426, U-440, U-467, U-505, U-534, U-546, U-555, U-643, U-710, U-760, U-869 and U-1230.