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Kriegsmarine Em 1,25 RF rangefinder 'bpd'

Kriegsmarine Em 1,25 RF rangefinder 'bpd'


A very nice original Kriegsmarine coastal issue Em 1,25 RF 1650cm rangefinder. This particular model is scarcely encountered and was produced under a similarly rare maker code 'bpd', denoting manufacture by Optische Anstalt C.P. Goerz, Wien


This example retains the vast majority of the period applied grey paint (over shipboard grey) and all of the data tables - including the intact Kriegsmarine property marking. To the top is a open iron sight to assist with aiming, and screw mounting for a tripod below. 


There is the typical 'T' designation to indicate coated lenses. Whilst an image can still be seen through each side (including the rangefinding graticules), the optics would require servicing/cleaning if intended for use. Both the focussing dials and interocular adjustments remain functional. 


Overall, a very nice piece for any KM or optic collection! 

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