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Kriegsmarine Coastal Art. wooden optic tripod

Kriegsmarine Coastal Art. wooden optic tripod


An exceptionally rare and completely untouched Kriegsmarine issue wooden optic tripod. This piece of equipment can be used with a variety of optical instruments, including the S.F.14 periscope, Richtkries aiming devices as well as the Entfernungsmesser 36 rangefinder etc. 


This particular example retains much of the original Kriegsmarine grey paint, with the majority of loss being to the wooden legs from wear over time, as to be expected. Fortunately, both of the original canvas shoulder and leg retaining straps remain intact and the KM IV/1 proof marking is still visible to the top. 


All of the leg locking adjusters work exactly as they should, and all 3 legs remain fully extendable.


This is only the second example of this type which we have ever seen and would make a super addition to any optics or Kriegsmarine Coastal Artilllery collection! 

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