Kriegsmarine 7x50 binocular case 'blc'

Kriegsmarine 7x50 binocular case 'blc'


A very nice example of storage case for the Kriegsmarine 7x50 binoculars - such as the gas ocular variants - as produced by Carl Zeiss Jena under the 'blc' maker code. 


This particular model is made from the typical black rubberised ersatz material, and remains in uncleaned condition, exactly as it was found. 


The case is nicely maker marked, along with Kriegsmarine property markings to the base.


The original leather shoulder strap, whilst now dry and somewhat deteriorated, remains included. Internally, the two lower filter holders are also present, as shown. 


All in all, a very nice and scarcely seen accessory which would make a great addition to a pair of Kriegsmarine issued Zeiss 7x50 binoculars!