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Kriegsmarine 7x50 Binocular Bakelite 'Benutzer' ocular cover

Kriegsmarine 7x50 Binocular Bakelite 'Benutzer' ocular cover


A great example of the scarce and highly sought after Bakelite 'Benutzer' ocular cover / rainguard, as originally fitted to various models of 7x50 Kriegsmarine binoculars.


This type in particular was commonplace on the so-called 7x50 'smooth ocular' binoculars, where adjustment of the eyepieces was prohibited once set for the intended user. 


This one still comes fitted with its original rubber bending bar and the Bakelite attachment clamp + screws. 


Note that this is a guaranteed original piece and is NOT one of the modern reproductions which are now on the market. 


The perfect item to complete a 7x50 KM bino which is very likely missing this part, as most surviving examples are! 

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