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Kriegsmarine 10x80 observation binoculars 'eug'

Kriegsmarine 10x80 observation binoculars 'eug'


A truly stunning example of the highly sought after Kriegsmarine issue 10x80 (80 degree) observation binoculars.


This set remains in completely original condition, with 95%+ of the paint remaining to the binocular and likewise to the pivoting cradle mount.


The rarely seen, early style Kriegsmarine property and maker markings are situated on the right-hand prism plate. Unlike on many examples, the markings remain fully intact on this pair, with the 'eug' maker code denoting manufacture by Optische Prazisions-Werke GmbH, Warsaw - a subsidiary of Carl Zeiss Jena.


This model of binocular is widely regarded as one of the very best optical instruments produced during WWII, and this attribute is showcased superbly by this particular pair. The view through the optics is excellent and a pleasure to behold, producing a super bright and sharp image. The circular aiming reticule is also still present inside. 


The lenses are coated and all remain in excellent condition, with only a few very minor spots of delamination to the lower part of the objectives - which does not affect the image in any way. Both the interocular dial and the independent focussing adjustments continue to operate perfectly, with very smooth action.


Overall, a truly amazing piece which is exceptionally hard to find in this condition, and one which would make a top addition to any serious Kriegsmarine or optics collection! 


N.B. (I): A rare, adjustable model of the Gestell tripod is available to be sold separately with the binoculars if required. This is fitted with a contemporary, custom made 20mm diameter steel spigot to accept the cradle of the 10x80, but still retains 95%+ of the original wartime green paint and is very nicely maker marked 'Busch Rathenow'. Please contact for details.


N.B. (II): Due to the weight/size/value of this item, shipping costs may differ from those stated during the automated checkout process, especially if additional insurance and/or the tripod is required.

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