Hensoldt 7x56 Panzer Dienstglas binoculars 'bmj 1944'

Hensoldt 7x56 Panzer Dienstglas binoculars 'bmj 1944'


A completely untouched set of the rarer 7x56 Dienstglas variant of the 'Panzer' roof prism binoculars, which were produced by Hensoldt Wetzlar under the 'bmj' maker code.


Factory finished in black with leatherette coverings to the barrels, this particular set retains the majority of the finish and also comes complete with all of the fitted accessories - including the rarely seen rubber ocular lens cover unique to this type of optic! Even the neck strap is matching date and maker marked '1944 bmj'. 


The black Presstoff case also rates in similarly nice condition and is maker coded 'bmj' along with the date of 1944. The case retains the shoulder strap and both sun filters, again both components that are very often missing! 


The rare coated lens optics on this pair remain clear and free of debris, but do have some haze within the left-hand side that could benefit from a clean/service if desired for more serious use purposes. 


Overall, a lovely set which remain exactly as they were found, and surely a set that has always been together since leaving the Hensoldt factory during the war!