Hensoldt 10x50 Panzer binoculars 'bmj'

Hensoldt 10x50 Panzer binoculars 'bmj'


An excellent pair of the 10x50 'Panzer' roof prism binoculars, which were produced by Hensoldt Wetzlar under the 'bmj' maker code.


Factory finished in ordnance tan paint, this particular set retains 95%+ of the original finish. 


The optics remain mostly clear and in usable condition. There is also the H/6400 Strichplatte rangefinding reticule inside, which is so very often missing from these binoculars. 


They also come fitted with an original leather neck strap and the Bakelite ocular rain cover, complete with correct loop attachments for this model of binocular. 


A great example of their type that would make the perfect addition to a Panzer display or indeed a mannequin setup etc!