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Hensoldt 10x50 Panzer binoculars 'bmj'

Hensoldt 10x50 Panzer binoculars 'bmj'


A simply superb set of the 10x50 'Panzer' roof prism binoculars, which were produced by Hensoldt Wetzlar under the 'bmj' maker code.


Factory finished in ordnance tan paint, this particular set retains near 100% of the original finish, and so can certainly be said to be in mint condition! The black Presstoff case also rates similarly and is also maker coded 'bmj' along with the date of 1944. 


The optics remain clear, free of debris, and focus smoothly. Aside from some haze to the right hand side, they also produce a good image. Nonetheless, this set would likely be better suited for display rather than use - given the excellent, grade one condition!

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