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Gestell 40 wooden optic tripod 'dqc'

Gestell 40 wooden optic tripod 'dqc'


A very nice example of the Gestell 40 variant of optic tripod.


This model was introduced as a simplified update over the earlier Gestell 31, and can be used with a variety of optical instruments, including the S.F.14 trench periscope, Richtkries aiming devices and the Entfernungsmesser 36 rangefinder etc. 


Finished in the original mid to late-war tan paint, which is still retained to an extremely high percentage, the tripod is very nicely maker coded 'dqc' to indicate manufacture by Eugen Ising, Metallwarenfabrik. At some stage, one of the legs has been inscribed with the designation 'Scherenfernrohr' (scissor binocular), as shown. 


All of the adjustments still work as they should, including all 3 of the extendable wooden legs. 


It is getting extremely hard to find an example in this condition, in the most desirable colour and without any damage or woodworm holes etc. Perfect for any optics collection! 

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