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Gestell 38 Flakfernrohr optic tripod 'bvu'

Gestell 38 Flakfernrohr optic tripod 'bvu'


An excellent original example of the Gestell 38 model optic tripod. This model was primarily issued with the 10x80 Flakfernrohr binoculars, but was also employed with other large optics. 


This particular one is finished in a shade of Luftwaffe blue/grey, and still retains the original canvas leg retaining strap with 'lux' marked buckle. All of the legs still extend and lock tightly as they should, with this variation also having further adjustment capability - via the Bakelite knobs situated at the head of each individual leg. 


The tripod is maker coded 'bvu', indicating manufacture by Kuhlmann, Franz, Werkstaetten fuer Praezisionsnmechanik u. Maschinenbau, Hauptwerke Wilhelmshaven. A scarcely seen maker of this item! 


Overall, an excellent and fully operational example of its type which would be hard to upgrade upon! 

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