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Gestell 40 wooden optic tripod 'bef'

Gestell 40 wooden optic tripod 'bef'


Nice example of the rarer Gestell 40 wooden optic tripod. This model was introduced as a simplified update over the earlier Gestell 31, and can be used with a variety of optical instruments, including the S.F.14 trench periscope, Richtkries aiming devices and the Entfernungsmesser 36 rangefinder etc. 


Given this versatility, it is no surprise that this particular example also went on to see service post war, with a coat of green applied over the original wartime finish. However, all of the German markings still remain, and the tripod is nicely maker coded 'bef' to indicate manufacture by Clemens Riefler, Fabrik Mathematischer Instrumente, Nasselwang/Bayern


All top adjustments work as they should, and all 3 legs remain extendable. The only slight issue is that one of the legs (chipped) does not lock in place 100% securely when extended. 



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