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G/K43 rifleman's ammo pouch set

G/K43 rifleman's ammo pouch set


A very nice original pair of magazine pouches as would be issued to a G/K43 rifleman; consisting of a smooth brown leather G/K43 dual magazine pouch and a black pebbled leather K98k ammo pouch. 


The G/K43 pouch is nicely maker coded 'cny 44' for production by C. Pose, Wehrausrüstungen, Berlin, in 1944. There are also some ink stamps to the interior, which are likely to be from the supplier of the brown leather hide. The condition remains very good, however, one of the metal closure studs has come loose (pictured). 


The K98k ammo pouch is a very good example of the late-war riveted type, and is clearly 'RBNr 0/0146/0043' coded to the rear. Production also likely dates to around the 1944 period. 

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