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Deactivated 7.63mm Mauser C96 M30 Broomhandle

Deactivated 7.63mm Mauser C96 M30 Broomhandle


Now, here is somewhat of a rarity! An original German 7.63mm Mauser M30 (Modell 1930) variant of the iconic C96 semi-automatic pistol - as opposed to one of the many foreign contract variants which were manufactured during its long production life. 


This particular example is retained in very nice original, used condition and has fortunately escaped being refinished/reblued. The full Mauser Oberndorf markings and Mauser Banner logo can be found to each side of the main frame, as well as the matching serial number on both the tangent sight base and grip frame. 


This pistol is also amongst the very last of the C96s to be produced, with the serial number dating its manufacture to c.1937. Many of the production features are unique to both the M30, as well as the Schnellfeuer, including: an increased barrel length (140mm), stepped barrel, universal safety mechanism, and full size, 12-groove walnut grips. 


What's more, this example also comes complete with its stunning, matching numbered 'broomhandle' walnut stock. This part serves a dual purpose, forming both the shoulder stock as well as the holster. Again, just like the pistol itself, this has not been refinished or messed with post-war and retains the Mauser proof markings. 


This item comes with the original deactivation certificate from the Birmingham Proof House and has been deactivated according to the EU GB specs (2019) - with a working trigger and retracting bolt slide (under spring pressure).


*Shipping for this item is only available within mainland UK. 


**N.B. Proof of age (18+) will also be required before purchase and that payment by PayPal cannot be accepted for this item. 

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