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DAK/Tropical Patronenkasten '1500 Patronen s.S. 1939'

DAK/Tropical Patronenkasten '1500 Patronen s.S. 1939'


A very interesting and likely unique example of the 'Luftdichter Patronenkasten' (airtight ammo box), which once held 1500 rounds of 1939 dated 7.92x57mm Patronen s.S. ball ammunition, for use with the MG34 and K98k etc. 


Aside from the standard German designation markings to the exterior, this box was also stencilled with warnings in Italian - "Non capovolgere" essentially meaning "do not throw" - with regards to ensuring the safe handling of the fragile internal contents. 


Along with the 'Für Tropen!' label included to the inside, it is almost certain that this box of ammo was used by DAK forces or other combined German/Italian forces within tropical settings. 


The box itself is nicely stamped with the maker's logo and dated 1938. All of the handles, hinges and front locking latches remain fully functional. Indeed, it also retains both the internal metal lining and even the top portion of the once airtight seal! 


Surely the perfect accessory to add to any DAK/tropical display, as well as obvious interest to collectors of both German and Italian combat equipment! 

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