D.F. 10x80 Flakfernrohr binoculars 'dkl'+ Flakvisier AA sight

D.F. 10x80 Flakfernrohr binoculars 'dkl'+ Flakvisier AA sight


A stunning example of the D.F. 10x80 Flak binoculars complete with the original leather headrest pad, detachable front sunshades and Flakvisier AA attachment.  This is one of a trio of Flakfernrohr just listed which were all US veteran bring-backs!


Finished in the original factory-applied field grey paint, this particular pair are clearly maker coded 'dkl' to indicate manufacture by Josef Schneider, Kreuznach


The optics remain in very good condition and produce a lovely clear image with an excellent field of view as is typical of the 10x80s. There is a crosshair reticule in the right-hand side. 


The accessories such as the very scarce Flakvisier anti-aircraft aiming sight and brown leather headrest pad - which is one of the nicest examples we have ever seen - also remain in top condition! 


Overall, a superb set which would make a fantastic addition to any militaria collection and indeed one which would be hard to upgrade!