Complete Hensoldt 8x56 Polizei Dienstglas binoculars 'bmj' + accessories

Complete Hensoldt 8x56 Polizei Dienstglas binoculars 'bmj' + accessories


A very rarely seen set of the 8x56 'Polizei Dienstglas' roof prism binoculars, as produced by Hensoldt Wetzlar, which also includes all of the original factory issue accessories! 


Factory finished in black paint, with leatherette coverings to the barrels, this particular set retains the vast majority of the original wartime finish.


The optics remain clear and focus well to produce a good usable image. 


They also come fitted with their original leather neck strap, button retainer flap and notably the leather ocular rain cover - complete with the Polizei variation of eagle 'L' proof marking! There are also the clear remains of a name tag lable to the underside of this part. 


Indeed the only slight issue is some damage to one of the detachable eyecups, which is missing a large proportion of the thread as shown. 


The binoculars come within their original leather storage case, complete with matching Hensoldt-Wetzlar maker logo, Polizei eagle proof marking and date 1938. The case even still retains the full-length leather shoulder carry strap! 


Overall, a great example of their type that are almost impossible to find as a complete, as manufactured/issued set like this with all the associated accessories!