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Camouflaged Rm.F. 12x60 binoculars  'blc'

Camouflaged Rm.F. 12x60 binoculars 'blc'


Here we have an exceptionally special and completely untouched US veteran bring-back pair of Carl Zeiss ('blc') Rm.F (Richtungsweiser-Fernrohr) 12x60 binoculars, which were used in conjunction with the 4m R(H)40 rangefinder. 


Initially factory finished in the early to mid-war grey paint, this particular set was to go on to receive a brush-applied two tone camouflage in tan/green. As shown, there is also some battle damage/shrapnel hole to the front edges of the folding sunshade. 


The optics remain clear and produce a nice image with the crosshair aiming reticle. There is some lens delamination (pictured), but this does not affect the view in any way at all. The integral sun filter and focussing adjustments all still function as well. 


In addition, this set also comes fitted with the extremely scarce Zeiss 'blc' marked quick-sight attachment on the top mounting rail - which also has remnants of the same camouflage finish and has certainly been part of this set since the war! 


This is the first and only camouflaged example that we have ever had the opportunity to offer in 10+ years of collecting optics. As such, this piece is not to be missed for any collector of such pieces and/or camo equipment as you'll be unlikely to find another! 

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