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Camo D.F. 10x80 Flakfernrohr binoculars 'cxn'

Camo D.F. 10x80 Flakfernrohr binoculars 'cxn'


A rare set of camouflaged 10x80 Flak binoculars presented in very nice, untouched condition and clearly maker coded 'cxn' - indicating manufacture by Emil Busch Rathenow.


As shown, this particular pair are finished in the typical early war period grey/brown spray camouflage finish. Whilst this camo scheme is more often associated and seen upon a variety of field equipment, it is seldom seen on the 10x80 Flakglas!


The optics still produce a sharp and certainly usable image, despite some very minor encroachment caused by separation of the objective lenses. All of the integral sun filters, ocular width separation knob, and focussing adjustments also remain functional. 


An ideal piece for any collector of camouflaged optical equipment! 

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