Camouflage D.F. 10x80 Flakfernrohr binoculars 'Busch Rathenow'

Camouflage D.F. 10x80 Flakfernrohr binoculars 'Busch Rathenow'


A superb and very early production example of the D.F. 10x80 Flak binoculars, complete with the original accessories as shown. This is one of a trio of Flakfernrohr just listed which were all US veteran bring-backs! 


This particular pair are finished in the original early-war grey/brown spray camouflage scheme, typically applied to equipment during 1940/41. However, beneath this, and owing to their pre-war production, remnants of the original Reichswehr camouflage scheme can also be seen where the later reissue finish has worn away in places. 


They are clearly maker marked with the full factory name 'Busch Rathenow' - which later switched to 'cxn' under the maker code system.  


The optics, whilst still somewhat clear and collimated, would certainly benefit from an internal clean to remove some debris particles and haze, if desired.


The crosshair aiming reticule remains present in the right-hand side and the ocular width adjustment dial remains fully functional. 


Another intriguing feature on this early set pertains to the filter dial which incorporates both green and orange lenses! As shown in the photos, this also remains fully functional. 


Overall, a rare pre-war set of 10x80 Flak binoculars which in themselves are very seldom seen today - yet, coupled with an original wartime camouflage finish, and you have an extremely rare and desirable optic!