Boxed StG44 7.92x33mm Kurz 'fva 45'

Boxed StG44 7.92x33mm Kurz 'fva 45'


A very nice original boxed set of 15x inert 7.92x33mm Kurz rounds for the StG44 series of weapons. 


All rounds are in excellent original condition, with lacquered steel cases, and maker headstamped 'fva' to denote manufacture by Draht-u. Metallwarenfabrik GmbH, Salzwedel, Sachsen-Anhalt, Prussia. 


They still come complete with their scarce original paper storage box, with faint manufacturer's marking to the inside. 


Whilst the primers remain unfired, these rounds have been professionally oiled and emptied (with internal ball bearings added) to ensure they are completely inert and FFE. 


*Please note that this item is only available to customers whose postal address is situated within the UK mainland. No international shipping.