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Boxed Richtkreis 31 'Hensoldt Wetzlar'

Boxed Richtkreis 31 'Hensoldt Wetzlar'


A very nice, boxed example of the Richtkreis 31 optic - which was an aiming device used with artillery and fixed-mounted MG34/42 machine guns etc. 


The Rkr 31 itself is very nicely marked with the 'Hensoldt Wetzlar' maker logo, with the detachable periscope being manufactured by 'Fennel Kassel'.  Both components have perfectly clear optics, along with the aiming reticle still visible inside. 


The original wooden storage box retains nearly all of the original paint and designation stencil markings, as well as the internal fittings to hold the optics. Spare lighting bulbs and an a battery box are also contained inside.


A very nice set for any equipment or optics collection! 

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