Boxed Richtkreis 31 'Gebr Wichmann' +s.M.G. manual '1942'

Boxed Richtkreis 31 'Gebr Wichmann' +s.M.G. manual '1942'


A stunning, boxed example of the Richtkreis 31 optic - an aiming device used with artillery and fixed-mounted MG34/42 machine guns etc. 


This Rkr31 itself is very nicely marked 'Gebr. Wichmann' maker logo, and comes complete with the matching maker detachable periscope section. Optically, the set would benefit from an internal clean to restore full clarity, should this be required, but all functions remain in working order and the aiming reticle is still clearly visible inside. 


The original wooden storage box retains nearly all of the original wartime paint and designation stencil markings, as well as the internal fittings to hold the optics. 


In addition, a rarely seen original (and named!) operator's manual - detailing precise information on how this optic should be used in conjunction with the heavy s.M.G (Lafette) setup - is also included. This manual is complete and dated for use from February 1942 onwards. 


A extremely nice set for any equipment, optics or indeed MG34/42 collections!