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Boxed Kriegsmarine Zeiss 12x60 'blc'

Boxed Kriegsmarine Zeiss 12x60 'blc'


A superb and very scarce boxed example of the Kriegsmarine issue 12x60 binocular. 


The optic itself is nicely marked to the top data plate with the 'blc' maker code, signifying production by Carl Zeiss Jena. Unlike most Kriegsmarine examples, they retain the vast majority of the original shipboard grey paint - which is in multiple shades, as is typically seen on this variation of binocular. The rubber headrest pads and the Bakelite ocular cover are also still present.


In order to enable full usage, the optics would require cleaning and the interocular adjustment freeing up. 


The original storage/transit box remains in similarly good, original condition and is also 'blc' marked for Zeiss. Aside from paint loss to the top of the lid, the vast majority of the original grey finish remains intact to both the exterior and interior. The original paper contents label, and all of the internal wooden fittings to hold the binoculars securely, are also retained and have not been stripped out. 


All in all, a truly stunning example of their type which would make the perfect addition to any Kriegsmarine or optics related collection! 

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