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Late-war 10x80 Flakfernrohr 'cxn' + transit box

Late-war 10x80 Flakfernrohr 'cxn' + transit box


One where the photos will do most of the talking is this US veteran bring-back, complete boxed set of D.F. 10x80 Flak binoculars. 


These are clearly a late-war example, with the component parts finished in numerous shades of ordnance tan or Einheitsfarbe. They are also clearly maker coded 'cxn' - indicating manufacture by Emil Busch, Rathenow.


The optics still remain usable as they stand, with the crosshair aiming reticule in the right-hand side, but they would also benefit from an internal clean/service if destined for more serious use purposes. 


In terms of accessories, this set comes with everything that it should. Including the battery box, optical lead (also matching 'cxn' coded), spare bulbs, headrest pad and the top Flakvisier quick-sight aiming attachment - which is very often missing from such sets! 


The binoculars and all of the accessories are held within the rare late-war, compact variant of the wooden storage box for the 10x80s. Also still finished in the original wartime paint, the box retains all of the internal compartments/fittings. It is also addressed on top for when the box was shipped back from Europe by the US soldier who captured them - still legible is New York ("NY"). 


One of the very best optical sets which we have ever had the pleasure to offer! If you just want one example of this iconic piece of equipment in your collection, then here it is... 


N.B.: Due to the weight/size/value of this item, shipping costs may differ from those stated during the automated checkout process, especially if additional insurance is required. 

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