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Boxed 0,7 Rf Kriegsmarine rangefinder 'dow'

Boxed 0,7 Rf Kriegsmarine rangefinder 'dow'


A superb example of the Kriegsmarine 0,7 Rf rangefinder which comes cased inside its original lockable wooden storage box, as well as most of the associated accessories. 


The rangefinder itself is very nicely marked with the typical Kriegsmarine property stamps, and is clearly maker coded 'dow' in multiple areas - indicating manufacture by Opticotechna GmbH, Werk Prerau / Protektorat - and dated 1942. It also retains 99% of the original shipboard grey paint and both leather protection rings at each end. 


The accessories include the original lighting battery box, complete with its leather shoulder strap, which is also marked 'dow 1942'. The 'Lattenabstand' board, plus an assortment of sunshades, sun filters and handgrip are also to be found inside. Even the two brass keys which lock the box, both remain present! 


Overall, a very special optical instrument set which is exceptionally hard to find in this condition! 

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