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Blue HBT IF8/Pak 40 towing strap 'bwo 42'

Blue HBT IF8/Pak 40 towing strap 'bwo 42'


A very nice original towing strap which was issued for use with various artillery pieces, such as the Pak 40, and smaller carts such as the standard IF8 etc. 


This particular example, however, is somewhat unusual given that it has been manufactured from a coarse HBT-style material, in blue, rather than the typical tan canvas cloth. It also features the stamped manufacturer's code and date of 'bwo 42', denoting production by Rheinmetall-Borsig AG, Düsseldorf


The condition is completely untouched, and shows the signs of heavy use as to be expected from such an item. This includes a partial tear to the strap where the material has become frayed (pictured).


As shown, this item was also published within in the excellent German equipment book "Ausrüstung Volume 2", by Roly Pickering (p.182). *Book shown for illustration only and is not included. 

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