ZF4 scope + BLM mount 'WaA214'

ZF4 scope + BLM mount 'WaA214'


A very nice ZF4 sniper scope rig which would have been used in conjunction with the G/K43 semi-automatic rifle.


The mount on this particular example is a rather scarce 'WaA214' marked variation, indicating manufacture by Berlin-Lübecker Maschinenfabrik (BLM), and was numbered to the G/K43 rifle serial '118'. The BLM plant was notably also responsible for the production of the rifles themselves, under the maker codes 'duv' and 'qve' during 1944/45. 


The ZF4 scope is marked 'dow' to denote production by Optikotechna, with an early/low serial number. As per usual for optics from this manufacturer, they would certainly benefit from an internal clean to return them to a fully servicable state. The elevation dial remains fully functional and windage cover cap still present. 


Overall, a very nice example of its type and that would comprise the perfect addition to any G/K43 rifle or sniper display!