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Bakelite head torch 'ekt' + storage box set

Bakelite head torch 'ekt' + storage box set


A scarce original Bakelite head torch set, which was used predominantely by MG and mortar crews. 


The torch remains in very nice condition, complete with the elastic strap, cable and battery box. Of note is the red coloured Bakelite, with most others being encountered in either black or brown. Both components are matching maker coded 'ekt'. 


Also included with the set is the metal storage box. This piece retains most of the original paint, as well as the stencil designation to the lid. Both closure mechanisms remain to the exterior, with one of the canvas pull tabs having been replaced with leather at some stage. 


Internally, aside from the missing label and felt pads to the upper lid, all of the original dividers still remain intact. These are nearly always missing to some degree, if not stripped out completely - so another real plus point for this group. 


Overall, a great example of its type which, with a few minor additions (battery box, bulbs & batteries etc) could be made into a truly complete set! 

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