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Alu. MG34/42 ammo boxes + Tragegurt 34

Alu. MG34/42 ammo boxes + Tragegurt 34


A very nice pair of original early-war aluminium MG34/42 Patronenkasten 34 ammo cans, fitted with a scarce blue canvas Tragegurt 34 model heavy-duty carry strap.  


Both the ammo boxes retain much of the subtle grey/brown camo scheme, which is typical for the period, as well as maker codes and Waffenamt stamps to the top. Each of the cans also displays unit-applied markings to denote the various types of ammunition that was contained within them. 


The blue canvas shoulder strap remains completely intact, with the adjustment buckle and fully functional karabiner hooks. 


All in all a great set for any MG collector or for use within a combat display/mannequin setup! 

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