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7.92x57mm Tropical P.m.K (v) 'avu 1943'

7.92x57mm Tropical P.m.K (v) 'avu 1943'


A superb original, and fully matching, boxed set of inert 7.92x57mm P.m.K. high velocity (V load), armour piercing rounds (for use in tropical climes). These particular rounds were most often used by the Luftwaffe with their MG15 & MG17! 


All rounds are in excellent, near mint condition, with brass cases, and still retain the original coloured indicator rings to the bullet heads. The set are also all matching maker marked and dated 'avu 43' (batch 2), indicating manufacture by Silva Metallwerke GmbH, Werk Genthin. Like the rounds, the box also remains in excellent condition, and is complete with the original factory-applied label. 


A simply exceptional and very rare set of German ordnance, which would prove near impossible to upgrade upon! 


Whilst the primers remain unfired, these rounds have been professionally rendered inert and FFE.


**Please note that this item is only available to customers whose postal address is situated within the UK mainland. No international shipping. 

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