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7.92x57mm MG34/42 Tragschlaufe battle pack 'hlc 43'

7.92x57mm MG34/42 Tragschlaufe battle pack 'hlc 43'


Original cardboard Tragschlaufe battle pack sleeve which, would have contained 20 boxes of 7.92x57mm rounds. This example is now empty, but retains the original canvas chord and factory label with the maker code 'hlc', denoting production by Zieh-u. Stanzwerke GmbH, Schleusingen, Thüringen. There is also an additional instructions label, which has been applied to the side, indicating that this ammunition was destined to be used with a heavy MG34/42 setup.


As shown, there is some damage to the front corner edges, where the card has split. However, the box still remains in good condition overall, and would certainly make a nice display piece in any MG collection! 



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