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7.92x57mm s.S. 'P162 40'

7.92x57mm s.S. 'P162 40'


A very nice and fully matching, clip of 5 inert 7.92x57mm s.S. ball rounds, as used in conjunction with the Mauser K98k. 


All of the rounds are in excellent, near mint condition, with copper-washed steel cases. This set are also all matching maker marked and dated 'P162 40', indicating manufacture by Polte-Werke, Magdeburg, during 1940.


The clip itself is unmarked and of unknown origin. 


Whilst the primers remain unfired, these rounds have been professionally rendered inert and FFE.


**Please note that this item is only available to customers whose postal address is situated within the UK mainland. No international shipping. 

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