7.92x57mm MG34/42 Tragschlaufe battle pack 'edq 42'

7.92x57mm MG34/42 Tragschlaufe battle pack 'edq 42'


A very nice original battle pack or Tragschlaufe sleeve which would have once contained 20 individual, 15 round boxes of 7.92x57mm S.m.K. Gelb L'spur-v (high velocity armour piercing rounds with yellow tracer) for use with the MG34/42 etc. 


This example is now empty, but still retains the original canvas cord and factory label with the maker code 'edq', denoting production by Deutsche Waffen-u. Munitionsfabriken A.G., Wesloerstraße, Lübeck-Schlutup, and is dated 1942. 


A great item for any MG34/42 display or to fit inside an original wooden ammo crate!  

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