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6x30 Dienstglas 'ddx' + rubber cover

6x30 Dienstglas 'ddx' + rubber cover


A very nice mid-late war period example of the 6x30 Dienstglas field binoculars. 


This particular pair are in completely untouched condition and retain the majority of the original factory tan paint. They are clearly maker coded 'ddx' for Voigtländer u. Sohn AG, Braunschweig and display a blue triangle to signify suitability for use in colder climes. 


This example still comes fitted with the original leather neck strap and rubber ocular guard, as well as the dark red Bakelite eyecups which are typical of Voigtländer binoculars within this serial number range. 


The optics remain clear and free of any debris making them a great set for display and even occassional use! 

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