6x30 Dienstglas 'cag' binoculars

6x30 Dienstglas 'cag' binoculars


An exceptionally nice example of the 6x30 Dienstglas field binoculars, presented in original tan paint which rates at 95%+.


They are clearly maker coded 'cag' for Swarovski, Tirol, Austria; as well as being marked with the blue lubrication triangle to indicate suitability for use in colder climes. 


If intended for use then the optics would benefit from an internal clean in order to remove some internal debris, however, the focal adjustments work well and the right side also still contains the H/6400 Strichplatte rangefinding reticule. 


Certainly a pair that makes for a wonderful display piece and would prove difficult to upgrade in this cosmetic condition!