6x30 Dienstglas binocular case + shoulder strap 'WaA'

6x30 Dienstglas binocular case + shoulder strap 'WaA'


A lovely example of the 6x30 Dienstglas binocular storage case, produced from black Bakelite. 


The Bakelite itself remains in superb condition, with clear wartime maker and mould markings to the base, as shown. 


As is often the case the rear belt attachment loops have been removed, however, the original factory-fitted full length shoulder strap remains fitted! Of especial note here is the use of very coarse pebbled leather to the buckle assembly, which is rarely seen and unique to production within the Pilsen area of the Böhmen Mähren Protectorate


The shoulder strap is also nicely Waffenamt proof marked, as shown.