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4x MG34/42 Patronengurt 34 'BSW 1938'

4x MG34/42 Patronengurt 34 'BSW 1938'


A very nice set of four early Patronengurt 34 50 round belts as used with the MG34, and later MG42. This variation holds 50 rounds and was only produced between April 1938 and August 1941, by which time the updated and slightly remodelled Patronengurt 34/41 had been introduced into service.


These particular examples are all maker coded 'BSW', denoting production by Berlin-Suhler Waffen, and various dates during the 1938 period are included - from June to December. As ever with MG related kit, it is always hard to find early/pre-war examples such as these! 

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