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2cm KwK38 Flak-Vierling tool box 'bdk 44'

2cm KwK38 Flak-Vierling tool box 'bdk 44'


Here's a Flak related item which we have never encountered before! A late-war tool box which was apparently fitted to the front protective shield of a 2cm KwK Flak-Vierling 38. 


The exterior retains most of its original factory field grey paint, followed by both a black and green layer - and finally a white camouflage (?) coat. Where this has been removed, the original white stencil designation can still be seen to the front. The box is also maker coded 'bdk' to denote manufacture by Schneiderwerke G.m.b.H., Saarbrücken Werk St. Jngbert, in 1944. 


To the interior, the box features stencilled shadows to indicate where each of the contents would be stored - remarkably similar in design & function to that of the folding Kl. Waffenmeisterwerkzeug tool tray, as used with the MG34/42. 


The barrel cleaning tool still remains inside - consisting of a cloth head attached to a tightly sprung blued rod. This part is also nicely maker coded 'kgg' and Waffenamt marked (pictured). 


A scarce 2cm Flak accessory! 

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