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Zeiss 'rln' 7x50 Kriegsmarine binoculars

Zeiss 'rln' 7x50 Kriegsmarine binoculars


A superb original pair of Kriegsmarine issue Zeiss 7x50 'gas ocular' binoculars. This set comes complete with the original matching case, all 4 filters (2 light & 2 dark), Bakelite ocular guard, leather button flap (damaged) and neck strap - exactly as they were found! 


The binoculars remain in very good condition, with fully extendable rubber eyepieces for use when wearing a gas mask and the often missing 'Benutzer' ocular guard. This pair also features the late-war Zeiss 'rln' maker code (1944/45) and serial number to the right-hand prism plate. 


The optics are crystal clear and produce a super sharp image - with coated lenses throughout and smooth focussing action on both sides. 


The original Kriegsmarine issue rubberised/waterproof case is also presented in similarly good condition, and is a rarely seen late-war variant being constructed from brown Ersatz material. The case is also 'rln' coded alongside the 'WaA202' marking for Zeiss. All four of the internal filter holders remain intact, as well as the fully functioning front closure tab. 


An excellent and truly complete set of highly sought after Kriegsmarine binoculars! 

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