Zeiss 7x50 Kriegsmarine smooth ocular binoculars 'blc'

Zeiss 7x50 Kriegsmarine smooth ocular binoculars 'blc'


A nice pair of mid to later war Kriegsmarine 'smooth ocular' binoculars, as often issued to and seen in use with U-boat crews etc. 


They are nicely marked with the Carl Zeiss Jena maker code 'blc', as well as still retaining the vast majority of the original factory-applied black finish throughout. 


They are fitted with an extremely good reproduction example of the Bakelite 'Benutzer' ocular cover - almost indistinguishable from an original and the correct style for this particular binocular. 


As to be expected with quality Zeiss binoculars such as these, the coated lens optics still remain in very good useable order to this day despite never being opened since they were made!