Winter camouflage gas mask canister 'Prestag 1937'

Winter camouflage gas mask canister 'Prestag 1937'


A stunning and extremely rare original winter camouflage gas mask canister - completely untouched and left exactly as it was when obtained from the family of the veteran who brought it home. As such, this one has never been in another collection outside our own before. 


The canister is the pre-war short variation, which is very nicely maker marked and dated 'Prestag 1937' to the inner lens compartment lid.


The can retains the vast majority of the brush-applied winter whitewash paint, over the original factory green, with some staining and soiling visible throughout. 


Interestingly, both the base and the canvas pull-tab strap have been inscribed '1944', along with initials. 


A truly stunning and guaranteed original example of a camouflaged gas mask canister, in what is surely the most difficult of all camo patterns to find!