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Wffm. converted Laufschützer 34 barrel case 'brc 42'

Wffm. converted Laufschützer 34 barrel case 'brc 42'


An extremely rare example of a Laufschutzer 34 (MG34) model spare barrel case which has undergone Waffenmeister modification to be able to also carry the barrel of an MG42!


This example retains the majority of the field applied tan camouflage paint (over factory field grey) and is also still fitted with the original canvas shoulder strap - with 'lux' marked fittings. 


The case is marked to one end with the maker code and date 'brc 42' to indicate production by Fr. Weber & Co., Berlin


This example is just one of just three modified Laufschutzer 34 variants which we can recall observing and comes from our own personal collection along with another example still in the original field grey paint (listed separately).


When it comes to rarity, these examples would be almost impossible to upgrade and as such represent choice pieces for any serious MG34/42 collector! 

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